Our Values



We have partnered with market leading certified companies for supplying components and equipments as per our specifications. Our elevators are guaranteed for increased product life, reduced down time, and maintenance cost.

UP & UP Elevators are designed in compliance with Indian Standards:
  • IS 15785 : 2007
  • IS 15330 : 2003
  • IS 15259 : 2002
  • IS 14671 : 1999
  • IS 8151 : 1976
  • IS 2365 : 2018
  • IS 14665 : 2000
  • IS 17106 ( Part 1 ) : 2019


Auto Rescue Device: Providing Safe Elevators is always our prime focus, all our elevators are fitted with Auto Rescue device. So even in the event of a power failure, you will be taken safely to the next floor.

Mechanical door safety: The lift car does not move unless the doors are fully closed.

Safety Curtain: A screen of infra-red beams that acts as an invisible safety curtain. When an obstacle is detected, the entrance protection system immediately reopens the doors.

Outstanding levelling accuracy: The reduced stretch of the high quality steel wire ropes compared to conventional steel ropes, together with a closed-loop VF motion control, results in outstanding levelling accuracy (+/- 3mm).

Over speed governor: The brakes comes into action if the speed of the elevator exceeds the rated speed.

Over load sensors: Provides visual and audio warning, when the car is loaded than the rated capacity, elevator automatically closes doors and starts moving after the last person entered has stepped out.

Emergency call button: In case of any emergency ,the emergency call button inside the lift alerts.

Emergency lamps: In the event of a power failure, the emergency lamps lights the cabin.

Fire mans operation: Activating the fire man switch manually or by the BMS ( building management system ), the lift cancels all calls and moves towards the evacuation for use by the fire rescue team.

Intercom: Intercom provided inside the cabin and outside the lift for two way communication in case of any emergency.



Over the period of time the elevator safety norms / rules have undergone changes. These new safety devices are mandatory for your own safety. Non-compliance of these safety norms increases the risk of accidents.UP & UP Modernization team can inspect your lift for the compliance of these safety norms and can incorporate the same in your elevator.


If the elevator is very old and giving frequent problem and unsatisfactory performance, it is always advisable to go for complete replacement of elevator instead of spending repeatedly on repairs or partial modernizations. In complete replacement you may select any features or specifications of our new elevators that suits your requirements and budget.


Most of the times major cause to go for modernization is the malfunctioning of elevators due to worn out electrical components and devices. So the best way to get rid of these current headache is to go for partial modernization of elevator by making electrical changes such as changing of control panel, wiring, cable, call button boxes, switches and other components.


It is not only mandatory by Government lift department but also essential for your own safety and convenience, to have the AMC of your lift from qualified- licencenced elevator contractors. Our trained and appropriately skilled personnel will regularly examine, lubricate and clean the machine, motor, controller, bearings, guides and if required make minor adjustments to ensure smooth and safe operation of elevator.